'Battlefield 3' for PC is free to own from EA's Origin service

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Origin updated its On the House Promotion on Wednesday to give away a free PC game and its quite the unexpected doozy. Battlefield 3 can now be downloaded for free and kept for, well, ever.

From now through June 3 at 10 a.m. PDT, you can download the PC edition of Battlefield 3 for free. The reason this is an unexpected addition is because Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year Edition was already available as a free download. Its still available as well though which means that Electronic Arts is now giving away two free games simultaneously for the first time since the On the House promotion started.

Note that only the Standard Edition of Battlefield 3 is available to download for free. The Premium Edition and all five of the DLC expansions are still full price. For those that are interested in the DLC, Premium is available for $29.99 from both Origin and Amazon. Its an overall better http://www.mymd-uae.com deal than buying the DLC packs individually even though Premium is not currently on sale.

Both Battlefield 3 and Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year Edition only need to be added to your Origin collection for you to own them. After that, youll be able to download both whenever you want and they will still be completely free.

While Battlefield 4 has taken its time to sort out all the glitches from a buggy launch, Battlefield 3 is a much more stable experience in retrospect. Its not without its quirks and the single-player was generally poorly received but the multiplayer still holds up well three years after the games original release.

Giving away free games appears to be the way to get players on to your service though. Origin has now joined the PS Plus and Xbox LIVE in the give stuff away department. The primary difference though is you arent required to http://www.macworld.com/ pay for a subscription first.
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